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1 HelenWestover God bless you! What a fine idea.
2 LauraCastro Faith just needs to be the size of a mustard seed.
3 BarbaraPuleo Traditional Catholi to the core!
4 ClaudeBoulangef  
5 LeePeterson ...
6 TheresaBrooks  
8 StephenWilliams AMEN!!!
9 BobJill Blessed Be the most Sacred name of Jesus.
10 EveMikkelsen  
12 Mary JaneKeppler  
13 WC  
14 BillConnelly  
15 JeanTabarrini I like this!!
16 KennethFranduto America, Bless God so that God may bless America
17 MichaelWilliams  
18 Halina AccaMakowski  
19 AlShiya  
20 MichaelCoppi We claim to BE a Moral People; we seek to be REGARDED as a Moral Culture.
21 KathleenCoppi Please Lord, we ask you to hear our plea.
22 DoloresKozlowski  
23 KathyNeuser I believe in the 10 commandments, in purtiy, in respect for life and in freedom for all. God bless America!
24 RobertOsborne Come Lord Jesus!
25 MarioGoncalves  
26 GinnyAuldridge  
27 EvaWeaver True believers in Christ, real Christians, need to stand up for ourselves or face the music as headless victims of islam.
28 PattyConnelly To Jesus through Mary! Praise God!
29 JeanetteSteiner  
30 BarbaraMitchell  
31 DeniseRichard  
32 KatlynnSchindler  
33 marionlipper  
34 MartienHoedemakers  
35 MaryMancino I pray this works...even for non believers. May God have Mercy on us.
36 JoanTaix  
37 JohnDFord  
38 PaulWilliams  
39 ElizabethDiPiazza  
40 kimfletcher  
41 PatMcGee  
42 MaryannAyer  
43 PhyllisHoldaway I love the Lord and pray this nation turn back to righteousness!!
44 RoyTenn This is a good spiritual idea that save Ninnevah after the people wore sack cloth covered with ashes in answer to the call of Jonah the prophet.
45 BobbieG  
46 LynnWingate  
47 GloriaChrist Integrity and truth must return. Belief in God helps.
48 DebbieNuzzo  
49 MaryU.  
50 ChristineErnst  
51 MaryEspitia Lord, have mercy on Your children who love you. Blessed Be God Forever!
52 JeanneMattison  
53 nievespili  
54 LindaTaix God bless us all!
55 OrlindaRomero  
56 VickiBryson This is the best petition.
57 kellyberry  
58 watsonchaney  
59 ChristianV Holy Mother of God, please pray for us all.
60 JanAdair The only hope for America is to repent and turn back to God and His principles.
61 KathyPowell Proud to be included!!!
62 StevenRich "I will never leave you, or forsake you!"
63 PaulaGrant  
64 RussWilliams  
65 MaryGrondski  
66 DebWaltsheimer Proud to sign!
67 ArlineSaiki  
68 BermadetteBurke I believe in traditional Judeo-Christian Family values.
69 Terryyoung This great Nation.. the United Kingdom, & USA. U.N. is in serious need of a revival. Please join your prayers with us as we ask God to bring revival to this nation. It will start in his church.. God's church needs and has to repent on an individual an
70 joanjohnson  
71 VirginiaRapier God Bless your efforts to secure God's Blessing on this nation and the upcoming elections!
72 MarianTaylor